View Full Version : How do I automount the virtual drives?

01.05.2007, 20:46
Running DT v4.09 x86

I have checked the Autoload and Auto Mount options. However, each time I shut off my pc and restart, I need to remount the virtual discs before my software will work.

Am I doing something wrong or is that additional software that I need to download?


05.05.2007, 11:26
I have the same problem when I want to image to mount I have to start daemon tools without mounting something new and then the Image is in.
An other solution is to let Daemon autostart with windows then daemontools is running and the image is in when i restart the computer.
That problem came up with both 4.09 versions.
I think the Problem is the SPTD Driver, but also the new beta doesn't solve this problem.
I have a second imagedrive by Alcohol and after installing the newest daemontools version the image in the alcohol drive mounts just when I rightclick on a Drive in the explorer.

05.05.2007, 23:25
New DT versions will automount image only when DT starts - either manually or as part of autostart (any 3rd party add-on works too). This was made by design as many users had problem with mounting before logon.
Images will be never be automounted anymore by driver to prevent potential problems.
So if you want guaranteed to automount images after reboot then you MUST set Autostart to ON. If you do not need tray icon then just disable tray icon option: it will simply remount images and exit.

06.05.2007, 11:13
Thank you very much for this information. Autostart solves that problem.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve the alcohol problem with automounting after installing the SPTD Driver >1.39?
Now the Drive automounts just when I rightclick on a drive in the explorer.
Just waiting for a new alcohol verion witch supports the newest driver?

06.05.2007, 13:23
I haven't had any problems with Alcohol remounting on boot. And you can always update to the latest SPTD, regardless of what version of Alcohol you're running.

07.05.2007, 14:39
I have the same problem with alcohol on 2 PCs. The problem occures even when I deinstall/install alcohol without installing daemontool. So its not a problem with daemontools, but a problem with the SPTD driver. As soon as i install a newer version of the driver I get into this trouble with alcohol.
Actual its the wrong forum for my problems, but I wanted to know whether someone else has this problems.