View Full Version : Audigy Drivers Conflict

25.11.2003, 05:27
Operating System: Windows XP, SP1
Burning Software: Nero, BlindWrite
Anti-virus Software: Norton AntiVirus 2004
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

My problem is that Daemon Tools (all versions) conflicts with my audigy 2 drivers - I don't know with what in the drivers. When I do a reformat, I install Daemon Tools before the Audigy 2 drivers. If I do it this way everything works great and there are no problems. However, if I do it the other way around, and I install the Audigy 2 drivers first, the computer BSOD as soon as Daemon Tools sets up the virtual cdrom drive.

Tonight I installed the nForce drivers for my motherboard, and I had both the Audigy 2 drivers and Daemon Tools installed. When I rebooted, windows reloaded the drivers of my cdroms because I installed new IDE drivers. As soon as my last physical cdrom drive driver was loaded (where it started loading the drivers for the virtual cdrom drive)
windows BSOD. I was able to fix this by booting into safemode, uninstalling the Audigy drivers, and then reinstalling them after the virtual cdrom drivers were loaded.

I'm just wondering why this is happening. Does anyone know why and how I can fix this? Do you need my minidump file? Thanks in advance.

05.12.2003, 23:50
Anyone? I could really use help with this :)

10.12.2003, 13:02
Yes, please send me minidump to venom386@daemon-tools.cc

11.12.2003, 01:42
Thanks for the reply, email sent.