View Full Version : x64 daemon tools not installing

06.05.2007, 20:57
Hey guys,

Umm never had this problem before, well this is my first time running x64 Vista so...anyway here's my dxdiag


Every time I try to install Daemon Tools x64 it says "Internel setup error. Contact support." after I Accept the EULA.

Anything helps :)

07.05.2007, 08:17
if you had have used the search engine you'd have found that some of the x64 install exe's are bad (missing data at the end - check the file sizes)...

12.05.2007, 10:26
With IE and flashget, I have downloaded the files more than a few times, correct file size but failed md5 check.

Can the support please check the file(s) in disc-tools.com.

12.05.2007, 15:20
The files aren't the problem, it's that the MD5 still reflects the previous 4.0.9 version. When the released to fix a small bug in 4.0.9, the MD5 hash never got updated with it.