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Silver Tongued-Devil
07.05.2007, 05:04
I have installed, uninstalled, downloaded from a different mirror and reinstalled. With no documentation, I had to guess how to use it. In the system tray I noticed a red icon, clicked, saw "Device 0 [E:] with the path to my ISO file. When I click "Open", nothing happens. In My Computer I see it created a virtual drive but when I click on the drive, "Disk is not formatted Windows cannot read from this disk". It's a bit lame to provide no ReadMe text if it isn't simple.

07.05.2007, 10:38
1. see the left side menu of this page. there's a button called "DAEMON Tools Help" - go figure.

2. are you sure, that the ISO file you're talking about is intended to be used with Windows? Does it maybe have a filesystem that Windows can't handle?

3. try to burn the ISO to a cd using ImgBurn or another burning app and try to access the disc. if that fails aswell then your ISO is either broken or empty or as mentioned above has a filesystem windows can't handle.

07.05.2007, 11:51
The Tray icon also reveals a stunning menu entry called "Help", when right-clicking on it. This leads to a sub menu, where you can select "Manual" and you will be directed to a nice manual. :)

07.05.2007, 14:11
it doesnt if you dont have an inet connection ;p

08.05.2007, 11:24
Ensure the correct drivers are installed for the virtual devices in device manager (storprop.dll, redbook.sys and cdrom.sys, in XP also imapi.sys), there could also be additional filter drivers causing the problem.
This could also be caused by some application preventing correct image access. Which Daemon Tools version do you use?