View Full Version : hwo do I make .MDS with ******** 2?

05.12.2002, 08:15
I've only started using ******** 2.0, and I am not sure how to create an .MDS file with it.

How do you do this :?:

Also, I'm not sure about ********'s .xmd file format. Can this be mounted with Daemon tools :?:

05.12.2002, 08:48
xmd and msd are basically the same, except for a different ending. So there should be no problem mounting with D-tools.

05.12.2002, 18:17
You can change the endings DAEMON Tools looks for when mounting an image to 'All files'. Then simply select your ******** image and mount it.

17.12.2002, 10:47
iґve tried this with "Gothic2"
it does not work- partly
I used ******** 2.00.190 trial vers. to get an image- itґs working fine but just with its built in emulation, daemon vers.326 canґt find this.
And it has an other ending: .xmf
Please help me!

17.12.2002, 13:46
Maybe you should try to mount such file with "all.files" - Option, just give it a try and report here if this work for you

18.12.2002, 12:06
Thank you!
now i ve got it!
It was my fault, because ******** produces two files: a .xmf and such a .xmd file, but itґs ending was not shown, iґve tried it out before but was not realizing that daemon had mounted it, i thought that there has to pop up some "mounted device window" if it works, but daemon doesn`t make such a show it just mount it in the background and thatґs it.