View Full Version : YASU 1.1 and Arma 1.07 beta patch 5154

10.05.2007, 22:04
Doesnt work with YASU 1.1 anymore!!

Without YASU:

Conflict with Emulation Software detected.
Please have a look at http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=emu&c=2500 for further, more detailed information.
With YASU:

A required security module cannot be activated.
This program cannot be executed (5023).

Please have a look at http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=module&c=5023 for further, more detailed information.
Soo, is it a new Securom?!
Help please?
Plz fix this because there are ALOT of new things in 1.07 including the new a-10 :D


11.05.2007, 09:16
heh, cool.... :D

Will look into this ASAP.

I currently have no internet connection at home (i've moved).
So do be patient, my replys may be delayed.

12.05.2007, 07:56
I had the same problem after I updated Arma, the european version 1.05 to 1.07.

If it's a whole new securom it's not very sophisticated with detecting yasu.

I mean, I just downloaded a hex editor (xvi32) and edited the YASU.exe. Replaced the word YASU to MASU in two places in the file.

And now Arma runs just fine again. :)

12.05.2007, 11:51
Replaced the word YASU to MASU in two places in the file.

I only found one place of YASU, wheres the other?

12.05.2007, 12:07
Replaced the word YASU to MASU in two places in the file.


The word 'YASU' exist once in that file and it has nothing todo with this blacklist.

Replace the word 'Y.A.S.' (there is no Y.A.S.U.) with something else.

12.05.2007, 14:17
Y.A.S.U.? Funny, I thought it was J.I.T.O. :D


12.05.2007, 21:11
Ok got it working now, thanks!

And Jito...
Theres something REAALY freaky going on, my Y.A.S.U is named L.U.Z.U!!??
Maybe we should tell syko about this fenomen :D

14.05.2007, 06:33
guys how to I find Y.A.S.U. i have the hex editor but have no idea what HEx I am looking for and what do i change it to if you can post you Y.A.S.U. maybe that would be easier thanks a lot

14.05.2007, 09:39
Would someone be so kind as too explain how to use that Hex editor XVI32 to change the name of YASU so I can play ARMA 1.07.

Much appreciated.


14.05.2007, 17:17
Search for the text string "Y.A.S." and type over it (do not highlight it first, or you'll likely overwrite something important). There's a "U" nearby that's the last letter, but it's not in-line with the rest of the word. It's a few spaces over.

14.05.2007, 21:38
Thanks. All makes sense now.

15.05.2007, 02:41
wierd I had to use the mini image in daemon but it works and I am bombing people with the A-10 The code was 59 2E search for that that = Y. in hex code

16.05.2007, 19:58
Here's a screenie of my version of Y.A.S.U...


PS: NOT hex edited... :D

16.05.2007, 23:30
oh noeeeeeeeeees, another tease syko :)
looking as pretty as ever though

14.06.2007, 08:59
dudes can you simply upload the changed YASU for those who cannot communicate with HEX editors. for example www.unbase.com

14.06.2007, 13:16
Hex-editing doesn't work anymore anyway. Just get the latest version.

16.06.2007, 01:12
latest version of what?

16.06.2007, 01:55
The latest version of YASU, 1.2b.7060.

16.06.2007, 01:55
nm I see what version your talking about, tried it and it doesn't work for the 1.08