View Full Version : wont install

13.05.2007, 00:14
i start the installer and when it starts to ru it says internal error contact support

13.05.2007, 13:32

Carey Edmunds
13.05.2007, 15:24
I have the same problem, can anyone help please?

13.05.2007, 17:35
How about trying to click on the link above, if you don't mind? That will surely solve your problem.

13.05.2007, 22:36
That will surely solve your problem.

I did follow the above link's advice but no it did not correct the problem.

I've installed the latest beta SPTD 1.45 and rebooted, ran the DAEMON Tools v4.09.1 X86 32 Bits (with SPTD 1.43) and it continues to give the internal setup error message.

I have no error messages in event viewer either.