View Full Version : cannot get rid of virtual cdrom after uninstall...winxp crashes

27.11.2003, 07:55
Operating System: windows xp sp1
Burning Software: nero burning rom
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.33 and 3.41

I uninstalled daemon 3.33 and tried installing 3.41 but the virtual driver from 3.33 was still there after numerous reboots.

I tried the instructions in the other forum but when I try to remove the pnp bios extension, windows simply crashes and reboots on itself. Same thing happens when I try to remove the SCSI controller for it as well.

Somebody please help me, this thing is driving me nuts!!!?!?! I searched the daemon help files..etc and it talked about loading up CGSV or something like that.


27.11.2003, 17:32
Remove (or rename) C:\windows\system32\drivers\st3shark.sys and pnpshark.sys. Might be something different on 3.33 though.

28.11.2003, 02:17
I just installed 3.41 and am using it right now, so I have 2 virtual drivers. The SCSI driver 3.33 is using is called st3wolf.sys. But the pnp one I only can find the pnpshark.sys which I think is being used by 3.41. Should I delete both of these?

28.11.2003, 02:42

28.11.2003, 10:08
Thanx for all the help Andareed. :D
I just deleted the st2wolf.sys file only and the virtual drive is gone. You're sure I should delete pnpshark.sys as well?

btw, how do I change the drive letter? :|

28.11.2003, 15:59
Well, you can try just deleting the one file, but I would delete the pnpshark file too.

To change drive letters, run diskmgmt.msc.