View Full Version : Insurmountibly Open Handles

18.05.2007, 03:06
I have some problems that started with an error during an installation from an image mounted with DAEMON Tools. After the installation, the install shield wouldn't close. I couldn't end-task or end-process it, so I tried shutting the comp down. Then it reporting a bunch of errors and gave me a "black screen of death" (monitor went black, had to hardpower).

After that I tried to disable the drive I had used for the install (I had two open), and it gave me the "outstanding handles" error. I hit "ignore" and all seemed well. However, when I later went back to open the drive again it gave the error again. Again I hit "ignore" and then it asked me to restart. I did, and now no drives were open. I tried opening one, and it did the same thing (error, ignore, restart, nothing).

I uninstalled and reinstalled. I have the latest version from the site. I tried registry cleaning. I tried searching the internet, and this forum. All I got was "use the latest version, make sure InUseCheck isn't selected," and soforth. Done all that, makes no difference. I just can't get DAEMON Tools to work at all now.

Normally in a case like this I would just backup and wipe/reinstall. I like wipe/reinstalls, 'cause I like that "fresh and clean" feeling of a newly installed OS, hehe. But this isn't my computer, so that isn't an option.

If anyone could help me to resolve this, that'd be awesome.

Note: Running XP Media Center on a custom built machine... 2.4 gig dual-core processor, two 256mb Nvidia cards using SLI, 2gigs of RAM, two hard-drive raid forming one single 456 gig drive. Everything updated, as far as I can tell.