View Full Version : what is kernel debugger and which one shld i dowload?

18.05.2007, 20:02
i tried both 84 beat and 32 bit but i cant install it keeps saying platform not supported when i run it. and for my previous version of daemon tools it says my kernel debugger must be deactivated. how to deactivate it?

18.05.2007, 22:54
the kernel debugger message is just a warning...
if you use kernel debuggers - typically softice, syser and so on (ring 0 debuggers) then they are not compatible with daemon tools 4

thats all it means...

as for the platform not supported.. what operating system are you trying to install to?

32 bit version works for win2k, xp, vista
64 bit version works for xp 64, vista 64

if you're installing on win 9x/me then you need to use an older version of daemon tools (like 3.47) - which also does not have the kernel debugger 'incompatability'

hope that helped