View Full Version : boot problem..in vista ultimate x64

19.05.2007, 18:50
im using vista ultimate x64.I installed daemon 4v it want me to restart my pc to complete install.i accepted it. my pc didnt boot properly. i cant boot my pc in normal or safe mod. just repairing my pc with windows dvd repaired my pc.this forum includes a same problems with me but no way to repair my pc.Pls help help help. I tried every way to fix it but just failed.............waiting.

20.05.2007, 21:47
Did you install the latest version, You could also try installing the latest beta of SPTD first.

21.05.2007, 11:48
Boot with your Windows CD/DVD into recovery console, logon to your Windows installation (requires Administrator password), then execute "disable sptd", and exit to reboot.
Then install SPTD v1.45 as suggested: