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21.05.2007, 06:57
I really love daemon tools, I really do. So, I decided to upgrade this bundle of greatness to 4.09 from my past DT (in the 4.0's). I delete my old DT, download the .09, install and reboot it. Upon opening my newly downloaded DT, i find that my drives do not have any letters next to them. Well, with golly i thought, this must not matter. I mount something to see no window which shows anything that pertains to what i mounted. I click the old "my computer" icon to find salavation. Nope my beautiful g: drive is missing! Oh no! Now, you see this would not be large problem as there are many other free mounting programs out there (I have choosen you first [until now]). I open up my other mounting software to see (as you have probably quessed it) no damn virtual drives. I research for a couple of damn hours, wasting my life to find other people with this problem, but no solution that helps me. I hear registries, drivers, SPTD, and whatnot, but no definite solution. I try to find an early version of SPTD to see if that's the problem, no earlier version found. I try updating that one cdrom driver, no avail. I just want to cure this problem. Please tell me what i can do to restore my virtual drives so i can go back to mounting. Thanks. Btw, im using vista: ultimate. How can i just turn the clocks back one minute before i installed the new version...

21.05.2007, 10:50
Ensure you use latest SPTD layer v1.45:
Then check thread about no drive letters assigned to virtual devices in common problems and solutions forum.

21.05.2007, 20:27
i saw that topic before, but got lost. where you say "click on install drivers and point to cdrom.inf supplied by OS", where is this install drivers button? or is it a button? exactly what do i have to do in vista to do this?

21.05.2007, 20:28
but before i forget, where are "cdrom.sys, storprop.dll and redbook.sys" located under?

24.05.2007, 00:11
copy can you answer my next two questions please?

24.05.2007, 08:13
cant answer the next as we cant tell the future...
guess u meant previous... and you need to be a little patient

24.05.2007, 09:39
In device manager -> properties of the virtual drive you should see a driver tab, there should be some install or update driver button.