View Full Version : Support for Safedisc v2.80.011

Heinrich Spamstein
05.12.2002, 13:26
I am trying to play a game called Hearts of Iron off the image I backed up to my hard disk - according to Safedisc Analyser the latest version of the game has Safedisc v2.80.011 protection. I have tried both Daemon Tools and Alcohol 120% and neither seem to work.

Anybody here successfully cracked or emulated Safedisc v2.80.011? If so... please help!

05.12.2002, 13:35
Did you install the game from image? Itґs possible that ini-files or registry entries contain info about the installation drive.

Heinrich Spamstein
05.12.2002, 14:27
Yes I installed from the image - does Daemon tools support Safedisc 2.80.011 though?

05.12.2002, 14:32
We donґt have a game with SD2.80.011 yet to check it, Daemon Tools has no problems with SD2.80.010, but weґll check it ASAP ...
the developer is currently engaged with the new protections like ProtectCD5 and new SecuROM blacklist, so stay tuned ... if itґs a new blacklist itґll be fixed ASAP ...