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24.05.2007, 02:55
Im having trouble installing daemon tools. I have done everything listed in 'you must reboot after previous operation' in common problems and solutions.
Everytime I try to install Daemon Tools, I get up to the licence agreement, when I click 'agree' the message 'Setup must restart windows to continue installation after reboot' appears
After I reboot, when I try to install daemon tools again. The message 'you must reboot after previous operation' appears and the key: '19659239224e364682fa4baf72c53ea4' is back in the registry. So then the process starts again........ I don't know what to do now.
Im using windows vista x86

24.05.2007, 10:51
You must first delete the key, then start Daemon Tools installation again.

24.05.2007, 12:59
thanks, dont worry I fixed it :)

Dr. Quaid
27.05.2007, 03:01
I seem to be having a similar situation, except i'm running vista ultimate x64 and every time i restart and run the install it starts the stpd installer again, and the key isn't even in the registry!

I have also tried everything in the "You must reboot after previous operation"

i would also like to know how you fixed it andrew it may help me.

maybe i'm just missing something :confused: .

any help would be appreciate hope i'm being clear enough

27.05.2007, 11:23
Did you check related thread in common problems and solutions forum yet?

28.05.2007, 00:58
I fixed it by:

I followed all the instructions in 'You must reboot after previous operation' forum

I kept trying to install, after every failure I kept deleting the 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\19659239224e364682fa4 b af72c53ea4' key

I deleted the whole sptd folder in the registry

downloaded the sptd driver and installed,restarted....

I downloaded the sptd driver again, and it stated I had an earlier version, so I updated.and...once I updated I didn't restart, I simply tried installing daemon tools again and it went through with the installation

hope this helps....

Dr. Quaid
15.09.2007, 11:33
This is just a post so people don't think i'm a rat, and also to relieve a major guilt complex.

My problem not fixed yet, i've just been so busy!

anyway, there are a lot of people who have posted with simular problems with vista, so i will have a look at those when i get a chance.

Now people don't have to think:

"oh that little skunk probable fixed his problem and forgot about us"

Thanks for all your help!

Dr. Quaid