View Full Version : Disappearing Vista DVD Drive - Possible Fix?

26.05.2007, 01:31

I've had the problem in Vista where my real DVD drive would disappear, and when I tried to install drivers for the drive it would say that it could not find any.

When the drive did work Vista would not recognise it as a DVD writer no format of burn buttons etc

When I installed daemon tools the virtual drives would not appear, when I tried to install drivers for them - the procedure described in common problems forum - it would not find any that matched.

I have spent _ages_ trying to fix this - removing the filters in the registry, uninstalling loads of software etc etc.

I have no idea why but it seems that after doing the following things the problem has been fixed...

Uninstall Daemon Tools, Uninstall the SPTD driver, Remove the filter registry entries and then the most important bit, delete the infcache.1 file from windows\inf.

You need permission to delete this file so right click on the file > properties > security > edit > click your user name > click on full control. You should then be able to delete it.

I'm going to try reinstalling Daemon tools and see what happens. Good luck!