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27.05.2007, 22:27
Hello to all,

is there a means to retrieve the drive letter (e.g. "H:\") the DEAMON Tools assign to a logical drive (0 - 4)?

I've searched the whole registry without success.

Thanx in advance,


28.05.2007, 00:34
hmm u mean for another program?

if not, its simple, right click the daemon tools icon in the systray... and select the virtual cd/dvd rom part, another menu pops out with 'device *: [ X ] ...'

where * = the unit number and X = the drive letter...

if you're asking for a way to find it so you can use it in your own program etc, then you're probably out of luck....

28.05.2007, 13:37
Hello evlncrn8,

I want to write a tool to auto-scan a bunch of iso-images for a certain file. Language will be c/c++ or perl. The tool should not work on a fix drive letter but on whatever driveletter(s) is/are used by DT.

With regards,

28.05.2007, 14:53
then you have to talk to the developers about it...
as the sort of information you're asking about they keep very very secret...