View Full Version : Vista 32 install goes well, then nothing

28.05.2007, 22:38
I have SPTD v1.45x86 and DT v4091x86. Previous to the install, I followed forum instructions re. regedit and sptd. I get no error messages, and install seems to complete OK. When I try to launch DT, nothing happens (little whirling circle icon, then nothing). I have also tried launching as Admin. This also happened to me with previous version DT 403 and SPTD1.43. I have a Dell XPS410 running Vista 32bit Home Premium, Intel Core 2 E6300, 2mb cache, plenty of disk. Any ideas? Thanks:confused:

29.05.2007, 12:46
Did you look down in the System Tray to see if the DTools icon was there?

29.05.2007, 21:47
yes, I found the icon in the tray and it works! Should I just ignore the icon in the start menu and on the desk top? - Frank

30.05.2007, 17:33
Those shortcuts are for launching the tray icon in case you don't want DTools to autostart with Windows.