View Full Version : Accidentally Installed Daemon Tools v3.47 on Vista

29.05.2007, 21:49
Hey All,

Thanks in advance for the aid and assistance.

I went ahead and attempted to install DT v3.47 on a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition. It went okay for a bit, until I crashed to a blue screen.

On reboot, Vista loads, but crashes before I reach the desktop. This happens on both normal and (all) safe modes. What's the best course from here (besides rewinding time)?



30.05.2007, 11:54
reinstalling? :)

sorry, no other clue :)

30.05.2007, 12:49
afaik DT3.47 is not designed for Vista. Use the newest DT instead.

30.05.2007, 14:03
Your answers are quite useless, guys. :-) He can't reinstall DT if he isn't able to access Windows at least.

So if its true that all safe modes fail to start, your only chance is a recovery system (i.e. Knoppix). But honestly I dont know what you have to do to stop Windows loading Daemon-Tools while booting. Try to ask one of the DT Support team members.

30.05.2007, 14:54
Boot with your Vista DVD into recovery console, logon to your Windows installation (requires Administrator password), then change dir (cd) to Windows\System32\Drivers directory and disable d347prt.sys and d347bus.sys (or whatever you used, if you changed the default names), exit to reboot.
Then un-install Daemon Tools, or follow the manual removal procedure mentioned in thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum.
Note that Daemon Tools versions prior 4.06 are NOT Vista compatible.

08.10.2007, 01:03
How do i boot into recovery mode? my recovery cd just takes me to reinstall vista again???????