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28.11.2003, 22:33
Hi all,

Yet another game has popped up using a wack copy protection that prevents the game from running not only from a mounted ISO, BUT EVEN WHEN THERE IS A VIRTUAL DEVICE ENABLED!!! That's correct - u cannot even play the game from the original game media while virtual devices are running. Not only that, but there are apparently issues running the game on CDRW hardware (but you don't find that out until you have bought the game and read the small print in the manual). And of course, I cannot burn a working backup copy (YES I DID BUY THE GAME!!!).

I am new to the methods that people use to copy games, as I always buy them, but I'm mad as hell that a company (Ubisoft) won't allow me to backup software that I paid for, and thinks they can dictate what I can and can't have running on my machine!!!

I'll read up some more about the copy protection scheme they may be using... does anyone have any suggestions?

Oh yeh, there is a big thread about it on the XIII forums - a lot of ppl are po'ed. Chk it out here -> http://forums.ubi.com/messages/message_view-topic.asp?name=techforum&id=zzyhz

29.11.2003, 11:28
Stop flaming everywhere, insert CD2 in you DVD-RW and play
BTW, the CP does NOT invalidate any virtual drive from DT or Alcohol

03.12.2003, 15:03
Ubisoft is well known to use Securom for ages - so it's most likely XIII uses the latest Securom version blacklisting virtual drives.
So you will have to wait for new version of Daemon or Alcohol.

03.12.2003, 22:42
This game is protected by Tagès and it can't be nor burned nor emulated(for now)... correct me if I'm wrong

12.12.2003, 17:42
I had never heard of Tages until I got this game, but now I can't understand why they (software publishers) aren't all using it. It seems very difficult to get around, but perhaps that's just because it hasn't yet been widely used and therefore widely "probed" by people wanting to "beat" it.