View Full Version : "Log me on automatically each visit" doesn't work

05.12.2002, 22:21

During the last few days I realized that the feature "Log me on automatically each visit" doesn't work properly. Every time I come back to the forum after e.g. having rebooted or even just closed the browser, I'll have to login again.

My browser's (IE6SP1) security settings are set to default...

Nothing major obviously, it's just kind of annoying... ;)


05.12.2002, 23:55
Strange - for me (and probably most others as you're the first one ;) ) it works fine. And I also use latest IE6. Try to play with the settings.
Do you use any security progs? Some disable cookies by default!

06.12.2002, 18:38
nay, none that could affect cookie storage. I know it's kinda weird - especially as I don't have problems with any other forum (phpBB as well) staying logged in.

I really dunno what could cause that... It's not important, as I said before, it just gets on my nerves to have to login every time... *shrugs*


06.12.2002, 19:21
Well, Iґve this problem if I come to the board via board.daemon-tools.com, if i come here via web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/index.php it works fine.

06.12.2002, 20:23
thanks, i'll give it a try...

...3 minutes later...

you just made my day today, thanks a lot... :D

06.12.2002, 22:59
this problem occurs because we are still @beta-phase related to HP and Board :lol:

BTW: Expect some cool news @board soon

07.12.2002, 22:31
If you goto the board from the chm help file, cookies don't work (so no logon saving either).