View Full Version : Daemon Tools & Nforce 680i don't mix?

06.06.2007, 02:54
Hello all,

This is my first post here on the D-Tools Forums and I am looking for some insight to an issue I think I have singled out to be my Nforce chipset. I am using the latest version of Daemon Tools, currently "DAEMON Tools 4.09 X86 w/ SPTD1.43". When attempting to install from multiple images I encounter CRC errors, and failures in data transfer.

As any user who spends 10+ hours in a data center everyday the first thing I suspect is my Ram. I ended up running Memtestx86 for 12 hours without error. I ended up replacing the Ram with different modules and repeating the Memtest without issue or resolve.

I also attempted the image installs on both WindowsXP and Windows Vista Ultimate x86 to confirm this was not OS related.

I am not using Sata Drives or IDE drives I am using SCSI on a LSI MegaRaid 320-1 so the Sata HDD corruption issue with earlier Bios editions can be ruled out I assume.

I triple checked the images which seem fine. They work fine with the same version of Daemon Tools on a DFI LanParty 875PrevB. Also On the same OS configuration MagicIso (yuck) gives me no issues during installation of these images.

I have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure this is 680i related, however the driver level support of this chipset goes beyond my experience.

Is it possible we as a community can investigate this issue and either confirm it or deny it?

Please post any questions if I have left out any important information, or let me know if you suspect your NForce 68/63 Chipset to be the cause of your Daemon Tools woes.

06.06.2007, 13:17
Do NOT use SPTD layer v1.43 anymore! Try v1.47: