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08.06.2007, 02:23

I am experiencing a problem with DT 4.09HE on Windows Vista:

No matter what I do, the virtual drives won't show.

I resinstalled a couple of times, deactivated all drives, activated 1,2 or 3. I tried to install the new beta STPD drivers. Nothing helped.

In DeviceManager, the drives show up with a question mark besides them, but Vista says, it cant find any drivers, as described in the FAQ here:


When I tried to change the drive letter (because this field is blank), I just get the error message "Unable to change driver letter".

Please help me. Thanks in advance!

Yours, Marison

09.06.2007, 16:50

sorry for posting so much about my problem.

Finally got it to work. Just uninstalled DT, deleted \windows\inf\infcache.1, rebooted, installed DT - and now it works!

couldnt be happier :)

15.06.2007, 23:31
kool glad ya did.

17.06.2007, 00:54
i cant even start DT couse it says that i must start it for the first time on the admin acc but we only have 1 acc on that cp

18.06.2007, 00:41
Right-click on the shortcut for DTools and select "Run as" to run with Administrator privileges. UAC (User Account Control) restricts admin privileges even on administrator level accounts. This has been covered a number of times before.

13.10.2007, 14:54
I have the same problem, though I am not able to uninstall the 'INFCACHE.1' neither if DT is installer or not

13.10.2007, 16:59
did you even bother searching?
i searched for 'infcache.1'
and found what u wanted in this post ->
last post on the page details the fix you need...

13.11.2007, 21:14
is that the same reason why i cant access folders on a mounted iso with the 64 bit version of daemon tools on vista? and if i try to install from that iso its the same problem and the install cant access files it needs.

15.11.2007, 14:04
i still cant run daemon tools , it wont let me access the subfolders on a mounted iso, and for some reason the admins wont let me create my own topic even though there isnt another topic about this.

15.11.2007, 18:21
What kind of images, how created (program and settings used)?