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09.06.2007, 05:22
hey all...
I have win Xp SP2 and I had DT4.06 installed... 9 months of continue use later and I got the SPTD.sys (1st june 07)... tried to solve it by myself but i noticed that my case was completely different... usually, the pc keeps restarting in both normal and safe mode... but here it would just hang... i would start in normal mode and it would hang without showing the winxp charging bar... no keyboard responses no hdd signals... then i'd try with safe mode... it would hang in stpd.sys file... no esc key no hdd sinals bla bla bla... then i made a win xp recover... same thing happened in normal mode BUT... when i'd try in safe... it wouldn't acuse the SPTD.sys but would hang anyways
-> i'm I beeing inpacince? Should i wait more than a 2 min to see if it aswers?
ok... I was using then a LG Studioworks 521 from 1999 (which eletrical malfunction burnt my old pc's mobo -don't ask me how... the screen just started to flicker really fast and then both pc and monitor were gone -.- Monitor fixed-)
i then sent my pc to the support store to have it fixed... they just made another win xp recover and (they said) it was working fine... i brought it back home (today 9 jun by morn)... plugged all the cables... and guess what? Pc hanging on boot... normal and safe... after messing around things for about 2 hours I changed the monitor to a Sansung Syncmaster 510n (lcd) and started the pc using normal mode... guess what? hangs... ok... started by safe mode... and it works (???)... after just opening the "my computer" and restarting without modifing anything... the pc hanged on the first charging bar of the boot... i then pushed the reset... and started normal... and this time it booted (?????) normally, no slowdows nothing... i checked some things till 2pm... and now when i got home 10pm and first booted... the pc hanged on the first bar (didn't even started the bar)... pushed reset and guess... perfect boot (???????)... NOW I ASK
-> Could a malfunctioning monitor interrupt an os boot? (my pc eats 550W... stabilizers supports 1kW... could the monitor be eating 450+W? and if it does... why the system crashes on boot? Shouldn't the pc not work at all? Could it trigger sptd.sys error? it is just coincidence to 2 errors occur at the same time? Sys + monitor with eletrical malfunction?)
I'm just in a dead end... even with the LCD screen installed instead of CRT and daemon tools deleted (including the sys files - 2 deleted dk if theres another) the pc just wonders if it starts or not T-T... when it does, everything works more than fine... when it doesn't... it hangs without even showing the charging bar... :confused:

Any idea?

22.06.2007, 18:36
I too have this same issue. Reading through the thread here I did get my machine to boot. Mine would hang in normal and safe mode. I used a boot cd that I have which allows access to my ntfs drive and I went into \windows\system32\drivers and rename sptd.sys to sptd.sys.old and rebooted normally and everything works. My mistake was that I forced a reboot cuz my KVM lost communication and I had a ISO image mounted. I have never had issues with DT until now and I am running the lastest WinXP Pro SP2 and current updates. I have not found a solid solution that will allow me to use DT however but at least I can use the system. Still investigating.