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01.12.2003, 01:15
Hey guys

Spellforce does really make a lot of trouble. After mounting the image and execute Spellforce, it came with an error message. (of the game itself). Afterwards I wanted to unmount the image, and it came another error message : Unable to unmount image: Unit locked

Really shit^^

the only good thing of the whole is : after a restart you are able to unmount^^

Thanks in advance

01.12.2003, 12:14
Yes. I have the same Problem.

The game does not run with daemon tools.
Maybee, you will find some time to fix it.
If U need a copy, to check why it doesn't work, tell me.


01.12.2003, 13:47
With the newest Patch you can play this game with the ORIGINAL CD even if Dameon Tools is running at the background! It would be more confotable for me if I can run this game with daemon-tools to avoid CD switching^^

03.12.2003, 21:24
we need a new daemon tools version, which won't be blacklisted by Spellforce(German). I've daemon-tools v. 3.41 but this version will be blacklisted by this stupid copy protection from Spellforce(German)!

Need Help! :roll:

03.12.2003, 23:31
yes, we know about that. Seems to be that it's the same procedure as last year :) (Gothic2)

04.12.2003, 11:00
...Seems to be that it's the same procedure as last year :) (Gothic2)...

yes, u're right. :(
i hope that the developer will solve the problem asap. 8)

20.12.2003, 20:37
I have the English version of Spellforce which is Securom 4.88 according to Protection ID v4.2. This would seem the latest incarnation of Sony's futile attempts at world domination! However, DT v3.43 is still blacklisted when the RMPS option is enabled.

It also has the nasty habit of locking the cd drive drawer if the cd check fails at the beginning of installation.

ps Securom is present only on disc 1.

26.02.2004, 01:44
I just bought SpellForce on Monday and installed the latest patch 1.10. After making a image using the latest Blindwrite and trying to load it with D-Tools 3.44, it tells me that it has detected a virtual drive and that I must use the original CD. Is there a new version of D-Tools coming out that will fix this issues soon? I though 3.44 was supposed to be difficult to blacklist?

26.02.2004, 15:25
This will be fixed in next version. 3.44 avoids driver name blacklisting, but not every blacklist can be anticipated.

27.02.2004, 03:07
Thanks for the update. One question, why are you prompted to reboot after uninstalling D-Tools 3.44? Is that really neccessary? It will kill my uptime!

27.02.2004, 09:10
It is needed for complete removal of drivers 'n stuff.

27.02.2004, 12:10
You mentioned a new release that fixes the D-Tools blacklist from SpellForce. Can you give me a hint if this version will be released anytime soon?

27.02.2004, 13:28
Stay tuned, we're working on it ... but we can't make any promises ...

05.03.2004, 00:29
Making any progress on the next release? :)

Also I wanted to know can I just install over top of the older version (3.44) when the new one comes out, or is it necessary to uninstall 3.44 first?

05.03.2004, 00:39
Alcohol 1.4.8 does the job :)

07.03.2004, 01:17
I hope we can see a new release soon with some blacklisting fixes :)