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01.12.2003, 01:53
Operating System: XP Tablet Edition (5.1 / 2600 SP1)
Burning Software: Nero, WinIso
Anti-virus Software: none
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Daemon tool 3.41 runnin on XP Tablet Edition SP1

The machine its a Toshiba Portege 3505

The system doesnt come with a cd-rom,
so i made images of my cds in order to use them...

The program starts, the "dvd-rom" exists on "my pc" window.
I mount an image, and the windows error message popups saying "daemon.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close... blablabla"

BUT, the cd image is correctly mounted on the virtual drive, altough daemon.exe is not runnin anymore...

i open daemon.exe again, unmount the image and NO CRASHES
i mount a diff image with a diff format and... CRASHES again
but still... the image is mounted on the virtual drive, i can use the virtual drive and everything

i open daemon.exe again, i go to the "set device parameters"... and even if i dont change anything and i click "OK", daemon CRASHES again...

* the drive emulation works correctly
* the images are mounted correctly and i can access/read the cd image on the virtual drive

it was a clean installation, no previous version...
no antivirus
it does have a couple of toshiba's apps like the TOSHIBA POWER SAVER and others non related like the toshiba's buttons and shortcuts...

thanks in advance

01.12.2003, 06:06
This is known issue and was reported to us several times - but we have no idea what the problem is. Some users helped us to debug it, but the crash happens inside modules that are part of Windows itself (not daemon.exe itself): XP tablet PC edition has many additional DLLs and DialogBoxParam function behavior seems different than in other OS (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003) where daemon.exe works without problems.
Maybe in the future we'll find some workaround.

01.12.2003, 17:54
thx for replyin

geez... the emulation works, and i dont mind openin the app every time...
but i just love the daemon icon in my tray :cry:

possible work around (at least for me):
set compatibility for daemon.exe
compatibility mode win2000
advanced text services off
(havent tried it on... but who cares... off works, u dont go aroun drawing with ur pen in daemon)

after this... program doesnt crash...
the green thunder icon stays there =)

02.12.2003, 13:26
Thanks for information!