View Full Version : BSOD after installing SPTD

12.06.2007, 10:32
I just tried to install DT version 4.08
I had to install the SPTD driver, so i rebooted my machine but since then i can't boot Windows.
Not in normal mode but neither in safe mode.
After the Windows boot screen the computer displays a bsod for less than 0.5 seconds and then it reboots.
I can't read the error message in the bsod.
I am using a clean install of Windows XP with SP2, because this is the 2nd time this is happening.

Asus P5L 1394
Intel C2D e6400
2 X 1Gb DDRII 533Mhz.

Hard disk configuration:
Raid0 on a Adaptec 1210AS With 2 X 160Gb maxtor disks

Can anybody help me?

12.06.2007, 10:46
First of all, if you press F8 during startup, you'll get into XP's boot menu. Choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure" to prevent your computer from rebooting as soon as it throws a BSOD.

If I recall correctly, when booting XP in safe mode, you should get an option to load the SPTD driver; try disabling that if you can.

Should you succeed, go to www.duplexsecure.com, get the latest SPTD driver and run it to uninstall SPTD from your system. Reboot. Then get the latest version of Daemon Tools (4.09.1) from www.disc-tools.com and try installing that.