View Full Version : Neverwinter Nights v 1.23

01.12.2003, 12:27
Operating System: Win \'98 SE
Burning Software: Nero & Alcohol 120%
Anti-virus Software: AVG 6.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

In your game database the latest version of NWN is protected with cd-check and no more with SecuRom. To bypass this protection I must act as if it was Securom or I need to do something different? Because only using the latest version of DT NWN still doesn't load.

02.12.2003, 14:37
Latest version of NWN at the moment is 1.32 and it IS protected with Securom. I also assume you play SoU expansion. So all protection issues apply - you need valid image/RMPS.

02.12.2003, 16:12
Yes you're right. But now, with a valid image (made with alcohol 120%)
the game still doesn't run. I see the three initial movies, but then then it freezes. Or, when it starts, I can play until the game must load an audio file, especially when some NPC talks to me.

03.12.2003, 14:33
Something else must be wrong - if you see the movies the protection check should be passed already.

03.12.2003, 20:21
Do you think it can be an installation error? Because I've tried installing a no-cd patch, but the game still crashes when some NPC must talk with me. But now at least the game runs.

04.12.2003, 04:05
Maybe you need reinstall game from scratch.