View Full Version : Battleground Blacklisted Daemon

01.12.2003, 16:38
I have buyed Magic the Gatering: Battlgrounds and Spellforce but both Games come with newest Securom Versions (so u need RMPS) and Blacklisted some Virtual Drives.
Iбm still working for Driver changes for Spellforce

MfG Spyme

01.12.2003, 18:31
Is Magic The Gathering: Battleground a good game? I only know the trading cards. I can't find any reviews of this game. That's why I didn't buy this game yet.

Good Luck with Spellforce^^
If I only could help you guys....but I'm only a normal user seufz...

03.12.2003, 02:09
Spyme is a "normal" User, too :)

Remember that we DON'T support self-manipulated Drivers, in case
you get in trouble we're NOT responsible.

Just wait for the next Version, it will fix this blacklisting

03.12.2003, 16:13
aha oki ^^