View Full Version : Alcohol 120% have problem after D-tool v4

14.06.2007, 16:53
I used to use D-tool v3.

After the format of my PC,I installed D-tool v4.

But,it make Alcohol 120% "Remount images upon system reboot" not work.

I need to run Alcohol 120% everytime to mount all the image I want.

I believe this can be solved easily by changing some registry keys
Any idea?

Please help.

Thank you very much.

14.06.2007, 20:14
Do you use latest Alcohol version?

14.06.2007, 20:49
This is a known problem with the newest STPD drivers that are installed with the newest Alcohol and DT. You have to remove them completely and re-install an olter version. Or, as analternative, wait for the next update.

Eierbär aka Tschens