View Full Version : Warcaft 3 says no CD found

03.12.2003, 00:51
Operating System: Windows ME
Burning Software: Roxio 5 Cd burner
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

I have a Warcraft 3 ISO and was able to mount it easily unto Daemon.

Even though I had all "options" on, and that the ISO allowed me to install Warcraft 3, when is got to the splash screen it said "no warcraft 3 cd was detected"

I'm not sure if it was either that Daemon didn't have the right options for warcraft or if warcraft couldn't even find the ISO drive Daemon made.

Daemon put the warcraft ISO as CD Drive H, and that's where I installed the game from (I did a freash install)
but it still didn't work.

Could someone please help me?

03.12.2003, 02:17
which Program was used to create the ISO? Which settings?

03.12.2003, 02:39
I don't know, I think Alochole or CloneCD and then change format by.. a program I can't remember to ISO.

I tryed the same thing in Red Alert 2 and that worked fine.

I don't know what Ripped the ISO for sure, but everything works on it except the actully starting of the game, likely where is checks to see if the CD is a rip or not.

03.12.2003, 10:16
ISO won't work, 'cause it lacks important copy protection info (sub-channel data in this case)
so re-create image from your original-cd with sub-channel data.

04.12.2003, 06:23
k, I'll try first chance I get