View Full Version : image automatically unmounting

15.06.2007, 15:02
I am running Vista Ultimate with all the latest updates. Today I installed daemon tools 3.47 not knowing it didn't work in Vista. Once I learned of this, I uninstalled 3.47 and installed 4.091. Rebooted. Everything is fine with the install.

I installed Sims 2. I have a MDS file that I mount. I try and run Sims 2 and it says it can't find the CD-ROM. I notice that the drive unmounted the image by itself. So my assumption here is that when Sims 2 tries to look for the CD/DVD-ROM drive, the unmounting takes place and then Sims 2 really cannot find the information needed to run.

15.06.2007, 19:58
Virtual drive can automatically unmount itself if image is bad/inaccessible due to some reason (bad sectors, corrupt file etc).