View Full Version : Can Deamon Tools mount UIF images?

15.06.2007, 19:55
Hi all,

I have a .UIF CD image I need to mount. Is there a way of mounting this with Deamon Tools?


16.06.2007, 10:31
If not, is there another way to mount these images?

16.06.2007, 11:36
What program creates this kind of cd image and do you still have the original discs?

16.06.2007, 13:24
I have found out the the image is a Universal Image Format by MagicISO. We don't know were the original CD's are, but we have now managed to download MagicISO's free MagicDisk mounting utility.

However, I like Daemon Tools for this purpose and I'm not sure how good it is to run multiple virtual disk applications on a single system. In addition, the MagicISO utility gives an error under Vista, although it says it is Vista compatible. I guess this is a propritory image format that Daemon Tool will not be able to access.