View Full Version : IRQ less or not equal BSOD

06.12.2002, 13:29
Related info:

Windows XP box, upgraded from Windows 2000 with Daemon installed already.

After upgrade the virtual SCSI driver was missing, so I just reinstalled the new Deamon tools on top of the old install.

Wrong action....After the requested reboot the system hang on the above mentioned error.

Luckely safemode still worked.
Deinstallation from safe mode can't be done though (icky windows installer problem) so I thought I just remove the Virtual SCSI device.
Still the same error.
After the next reboot in safe mode I saw there was a SCSI controller listed again.
Since deleting it again would be causing the same BSOD and deinstalling can't be done from safemode, the only option I saw was disabling the SCSI controller.
Luckely that worked...phew!

I haven't tried to reinstall yet...need to do some work on this machine ;)

This might be in the readme...but whoever reads that? ;)
Oh, and deinstalling Blindwrite might help.

06.12.2002, 13:40
Do never ever upgrade Windows with Daemon Tools installed! Uninstall Daemon Tools, then upgrade, install Daemon Tools!