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hell spawn
03.12.2003, 21:02
hi i was lookin at sumthin on this site and i found sumthing called "windows long horn" as a OS. WTF is win longhorn? ive never heard of it...

03.12.2003, 21:07
longhorn is the new upcoming OS by Microsoft. It's not official released
(official release is iirc ~2005);
this could be users with betaversions
like registered msdn-betatesters

04.12.2003, 01:32
Longhorn is currently in alpha, and is highly unstable atm.

04.12.2003, 01:48
yes, you're right. M$ declared it as a "Pre-Alpha" Version (Build 4051)

hell spawn
04.12.2003, 10:45
oh thx i had no idea... BTW would sum1 pleeez help me i posted a reply on the halo thread in game copy protection section would sum1 pleez help me wit it

06.04.2004, 19:03
64bit Windows XP, that's waht long-horn is. Developed to match up AMD's latest 64bit CPU.