View Full Version : YASU 12b:"SecuRom 7.x: unable to find devices to cloak"

17.06.2007, 16:45
Im using DT v. 4.09 and Yasu v. 12b.
When i try to cloak my devices i get the following error message:
"SecuRom 7.x: unable to find devices to cloak"
I tried it with no image mounted and with an image of C&C3, both resulted in the same error message.
Does anyone know what may have caused this error?
The isntallations of DT and Yasu are both fresh, i just reinstalled them, but it didnt change.

17.06.2007, 18:49
Try latest SPTD:

17.06.2007, 19:47
I tried to isntall the new SPTD, but i get a "System file write error".
v. 1.43 is detected, i select update and get the error.
Ill try uninstalling 1.43 and installing 1.49.

09.07.2007, 18:42
Hello! Got the same problem. I installed DT 4.09HE and got yasu 1.2b.7060, nevertheless when install any game with .MDS image and press cloak, i got the same "SecuRom 7.x: unable to find devices to cloak". What to do?