View Full Version : paypal donation option

04.12.2003, 04:33
i have no idea how practical my idea is or if there is much of a demand, i will just say this:

i like daemon tools and i use it regularly.. i'm not a company so i fall under the private use category.. i was going to register just to be supportive because daemon tools rocks, i wanted to give something back, but i couldn't register because i only have one email account, my hotmail account. so this is my suggestion, if its feasable, set up a paypal account for daemon tools so that people like me who want to donate can, without having to go through a lengthy and limited registration process.

05.12.2003, 04:17
PayPal - Donation is available with next public release of Daemon Tools!

24.02.2004, 03:39
And when will that be?????