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19.06.2007, 08:56
I downloaded the installer for DT 4.09. I open it, and as soon as I agree to the terms and conditions, I get a message saying "Internal error. Contact support." I've closed all other running applications, including Norton Anti-Virus.

I'm really not sure what to do, so would like any assistance you guys could offer, in the plainest terms possible. :D Thanks.

19.06.2007, 11:54
where did you download dt from?? download it again (and maybe use a download manager)

19.06.2007, 14:03
same problem here... i tried already with the three available links.. i closed all the programs before trying to install...
is it a file error or could it be an incompatibility?

19.06.2007, 15:10
I'v the same problem, i have windows VISTA 32 bit, i downloaded DT from here (the x86 version).
please help me...

19.06.2007, 16:03
go to this page
and download daemon-tools and WinMD5Sum v1.0.1

instal WinMD5Sum and open it! click on the 3 dots (...) and open youre daemon-tools installer (with Winmd5Sum)

you see the MD5Sum and check it with these ones:
x64: 7BC8925FEAE72119F61EAE0F23F587B5
x86/32: 473C6FC92E4FEEDDB691ECED0DDF4BE2

when the md5sum is correct the installer should work!

19.06.2007, 16:39
they're the same and still doesn't work :confused:

19.06.2007, 17:13
Please install SPTD layer v1.49 first:
Then run Daemon Tools v4.09.1 installer after reboot.
If it still errors, try to disable anti virus during installation.

20.06.2007, 03:47
Alright, thanks, I got Daemon Tools installed. My question now, as long as it's safe to ask here, is how to run my copy of Diablo II LoD from my harddrive, as opposed to the game disc. I've had this game forever, and it would simply be much more convenient if I could have it running from the computer and not a cd.

20.06.2007, 10:36

There is a thread about Diablo II LoD.

Please read the thread and post your questions in this thread.

23.06.2007, 14:06
thanks copytrooper :D