View Full Version : can't read the cd-roms

20.06.2007, 06:57
I installed DEAMON TOOL whit SPTD 1.43./1.49
But now my PC can't read the cd-roms.

The Computer shows the next line on screen:

I:\ is not available
Can't execute because of failure in the I/O apparatus.

It will only work when i put the cd-rom in the player, and reboot the system.
But when i remove the cd-rom and put an other one in, it won't see/read the cd

I had no problems whit DEAMON TOOL 4.08.

20.06.2007, 19:38
I experienced something similar with any version of SPTD above 1.43. Reverting to 1.43 was my initial solution, but with DT-Pro that is no longer an option. Finally I got rid of the problem by installing newer drivers for the ATA-controller.