View Full Version : Install reboot loop (Vista Ultimate)

21.06.2007, 08:47
ok so I had vista home premium on my PC and daemon tools was working fine under that but after I upgraded to Vista ultimate I no longer had a working install of daemon tools. I ran the installer got to the reboot part of install right at the begining and rebooted. When I got back to my desktop the daemon tools installer came back on and again I got as far as the reboot stage right at the beginning again. I have tried to install the latest SPTD which didn't work as I installed the thing and rebooted as it requested and then when I got back to my desktop I ran the installer again to check it had worked and it could not detect any version of SPTD installed.

I have looked on the other threads on here and people mentioning to delete a reg key. I have searched regedit and could not find this reg key people went on about, could someone help I am goin out my mind with this problem lol

21.06.2007, 20:30
Upgrading causes all sorts of issues and is generally best avoided. Having said that, since you've already done it, try uninstalling DTools and SPTD (making sure all traces are deleted from the HDD). Then reinstall SPTD 1.49 beta and DTools 4.09.1 in that order.

22.06.2007, 08:07
well thats another thing I forgot to mention I tried to uninstall daemon tool but it says the installation is corrupt and closes so is it just the daemon tools folder in program files I need to remove or is there other files else where?