View Full Version : xp and dt 3.26

06.12.2002, 16:17

some time ago i had some probs with dt 3.26 and win xp+sp1 ( virtual scsi driver not found and reboot error... ) i did a reinstall of win xp on my system...
now the only thing on my hd is the os and daemon tools... and it doesnt work... i never had such probs with older versions of daemon tools before...

well , after i installed it , it worked ! i was able to mount images of clone cd and blindwrite... and even install apps and work with them...
but then the old errors/bugs appeared again ! , everytime i reboot my system i get a bluescreen ,everytime i want to start daemon tools 3.26 it stops and gives me virtual scsi driver not found... exactly the same errors like before the reinstall...

i dont know what to do to fix the problem , using an older version wont helb because the images i need to install from aint be read by older dt versions... :(

plz help !


07.12.2002, 07:36
Please post your system specs.

09.12.2002, 12:12
I have this same problem on my computer, it is a AMD Athlon 1600XP wit h 256mb ram, asus a7v266 motherboard (via kt266 chipset, UGG!!). I have noticed that it doesn't crash when SP-1 isn't installed.. so go figure. GREAT PROGRAM GUYS! keep up the good work, hope this tidbit of info helps you.