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04.12.2003, 19:18

I want to make a copy of Spellforce but clony xxl can't find a copyprotection. Do you know how to make a copy of the game ?
(sorry my English is bad)

The Duke
09.12.2003, 00:56

I've tried a copy with Blindwrite.

Read method Nibble. 8x
Create a BWA File: Read 1x

Burn this hole Crap (*.bwa, *.bwi, *.bwt, *.bws) with BWS, too. @ speed 8x.

CD1 works fine. :D:D But only in my BurnDrive, the DVD Rom won't read the CD.
CD2 doesn't worked....I tried the same method, maybe, you must toast it with Alcohol.

Capable MDS & BWA Files, you will find HERE (http://www.copybase.ch)


14.08.2004, 11:13
Hi there what version of blindwrite did u use ?

i get cd uthency check failure i do not know how 2 solve it ?

18.08.2004, 09:13
I backed up Spellforce plus BoW AddOn using Alcohol 120. You'll have to set the data type to secuROM New something and BURN the image with the RMPS option. The game doesn't work from image. Enable RMPS in DAEMON/Alcohol BEFORE inserting the backup into your drive. Then create a Daemon-Script that re-enables rmps continously every 25th of a second for at least 20 times. Search the forum this has been discussed quite often. With that method I can get it to run at least 4 out of 5 times.

24.09.2004, 22:51
have the problem with the spellforce addon too. i try to make a copy with alcohol and want mount it with daemon. because of the unmount-ability i try the script i found here in the forum.

but the script dont work by me. i am a absolute js-beginner and even dont know how to start the script. i try to write a html-file with the script in but when i open the html nothing happens (all path are correct)...

how do you start the script?

22.10.2004, 19:56
wirklich niemand der das weiß?

The Duke
25.10.2004, 18:11

For now, I just make a "1:1" copy with Blindwrite 4.57 & a PlexPremium. :mrgreen:

Only Problem is, CD2 still won't work during Install. But that's no Problem....you can mount it.

how do you start the script?

If you're talking about a WindowsSHELL Skript - file format *.js - just put it in Game DIR and double *click* it.
Make shure, that no other App (like Dreamweaver etc. is connected with this FILE)


31.10.2004, 10:35
thank you a lot. that have helped me! :)