View Full Version : Daemon and Vista32 problem installing...

24.06.2007, 03:08
When i download Daemon 'v 4.09.1 32 bit version' i can't start the installation.

I get this message "this plat form is not supported.

I have Vista Ultimate, 32 bit

PS: do i have to download SPTD driver first (is it required)?

24.06.2007, 15:24
One of two possibilities has occured, either:

1) You downloaded the 64-bit version of Daemon Tools on accident


2) You're actually running the 64-bit version of Vista Ultimate

01.07.2007, 22:06
im having the same problem. I tried downloading both, but I think both links are sending me to the same thing. When I save it, it says it already exists and I need to overwrite :\ what should I do?