View Full Version : YASU doesst work with GTR2

25.06.2007, 02:38
hi guys,
i have installed gtr2 and i have installed the crack as well. but when i run the game, and the game opens, when i click on any button the in game menu, my computer stops working and it just hangs. then i have to unplug it directly from the switch and restart it. anyone one help me plz, may be i am not using appropriate procedure.

25.06.2007, 05:11
No, you're not using the appropriate procedure. Talk of cracks is not allowed. You need to make an image of your original disc using Alcohol and run it from the virtual drive or burn it to a disc. If you run it from the virtual drive, then you may need YASU to avoid the SCSI blacklist. What you're doing doesn't require YASU at all, as you've stripped the copy protection from the game (which is illegal, hence the ban on talking about cracks).

25.06.2007, 05:22
jito thanks alot for replying to me, but plz can you explain all the procedure to me in detail. i didnt exactly get what you said. i have to run the game from the virtual drive?? and how to use YASU plz give me a bit more information. thanks alot

25.06.2007, 20:35
Download the trial version or free version of Alcohol (or purchase DTools Pro) to create the image. To verify the copy protection, search Google for ProtectionID and use it to scan the disc and/or installation directory. Once you know the CP used, you can choose the appropriate profile or settings to create the image of your disc.