View Full Version : DAEMON Tools 4.09 and 4.10 support STORPORT ?

25.06.2007, 16:00
I want to buy 4.10, but any support / administrator tell me. current virsion 4.09 and 4.10 support STORPORT or not ?

because I want to install DAEMON tools on my new server. But, the DAEMON tools doesn't support machine with STORPORT scsi driver. If i abandon the machine performace, change STORPORT driver to SCSIPORT. the DAEMON tools work perfectly. If I upgrade the driver to STORPORT. the DAEMON tools can't mount and type image. :mad:

25.06.2007, 16:23
4.10 :confused: or do u mean the pro:confused:

25.06.2007, 20:43
I assume he means DT Pro 4.10.0215.