View Full Version : Dt Pro 4.10.0215 error

26.06.2007, 20:33
i got both 4.09 and this installed 4.09 works fine. when i try
pro i get this error The application failed to initialize properly
(0xc000007b) Click on Ok to terminate.

26.06.2007, 20:40
Do you have Vista? If so 32-bit or 64-bit? Also when you try pro - starting or installing? Got SPTD 1.50 installed?

26.06.2007, 20:41
XP service pack 2 32 bit yea it installed STPD 1.50 rebooted then installed pro 4.10
but when i start dtpro.exe or DTProAgent.exe that error comes up.
just tried run in all Compatibility modes doesnt work. what did u mean by adware?

26.06.2007, 20:42
Have you deinstalled the Adware or have you already tried to run in compatibility mode?

26.06.2007, 21:12
For DT Pro you only can download "http://www.disc-soft.com/download/dtpro/free@4_10_0215" (Adware version) as i see no Customer tag under your nick. And when you remove Adware it doesnt work anymore.

26.06.2007, 21:19
oh i have the payed version were u locate your key when installing.

26.06.2007, 21:22
Then it seems your account wasn't updated. I think you will get customer tag soon and then you can visit customer forum.
Any traces in event log from windows?

Already tried to deactivate security software like antivirus or antispyware?

26.06.2007, 21:26
i fixed it My license file signature was corupted. i got it again
uninstalled and installed again all works great now. as for customer tag just bought it today so may take awhile to show up.