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27.06.2007, 08:03
Hi everyone, a 14-year-old guy here,
I use Daemon from a long time and maybe I will buy DT Pro.
But i've got a question for you:
if a customer buys the current release of DT Pro, will he receive the new releases for free?

thanks for your attention

Sorry for my english, I'm Italian

27.06.2007, 08:30
DT Pro licences are for one year, you will revcieve free updates during that year period, after this you will be unable to recieve free updates but will be able to continue using the last version released prior to your year coming to an end

27.06.2007, 16:53
exactly this questiion i had, the answer sounds fair.

27.06.2007, 17:56
Where does it say you buy a one year subscription.

Can't find it on the Daemons homepage, or the page where you can buy it ?????

27.06.2007, 18:23
Who said subscription?
Actually you buy DT Pro Version whatsoever (so actually you only buy that version - is also written on the page that you buy that version)... But you can upgrade one year for free to newer versions...
Of course, you will be able to use the latest available versoin after that upgrade-period is over as long as you want...