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28.06.2007, 00:00
I am interested in purchasing DT Pro but have a few questions first:

1.) Does DT Pro require an internet connection all of the time or only when activating?

2.) I have a multiboot system and would probably like to include it in at least 3 of my bootable partitions. Would I need a license for each partition, or just 1 for the physical machine?

3.) If the answer to #2 above is one for each partiton is there a multiple license discount?

4.) Now that DT Pro is released will this be the end of the adware free versions like 4.09HE?


28.06.2007, 12:34
1) DT Pro requires a constant internet connection. If you're without internet for 2 weeks or more, then it will deactivate (iirc).

2) You can change the license between the different Operating Systems you have installed, but if you don't want to have to switch between them, you would need a seperate license for each OS. It's your call.

3) Unknown. Have to contact Disc-Soft.com or one of the admins to find out.

4) Nope, the DTools standard version will still exist for those who just need emulation. As an alternative to question 2, you could have DTools Pro on one OS, and just DTools on the other two.

29.06.2007, 04:18
Thanks for the feedback. If indeed I won't need a constant internet connection then that would work quite nicely. I only need DT Pro for my games partition which I try to keep stripped down from any unnecessary background processes including antivirus and such. The only time I go online with it is to get updates, otherwise I keep the ethernet port disabled.

Looks like I am off to make purchase :D Again, thanks for the info.

29.06.2007, 06:14
if you're without an internet connection for 2 weeks, DT Pro will deactivate?! are you kidding? I just paid $30 for mine..

29.06.2007, 10:34
No, you only can't use image wizard.

29.06.2007, 16:08
So this means that if i have 2 machines, i also need 2 licenses?

I understand it but i hope that in the future you will develop it so it's just one concurrent license, meaning that i can use it for one user, and when it gets used on another computer it automatically disables or deactivates any other running DT clients.

29.06.2007, 21:12
after you would complete "check for update", you can use DT Pro up to 25 days without Internet connection

Yes development team will look into your suggestion (multi-user license key file).

29.06.2007, 22:05
I hope when I go to holiday for three weeks at summer, when I get home and turn on my computer, DTPro will work....

I won't turn on my computer during that three weeks.

02.07.2007, 21:27
Excuse me for asking, but what's the point of DT Pro? Why should we buy it?

There's no information whatsoever about how DT Pro differs from DT. What audio formats does it support besides Wav? Flac, Ape, WavPack, Tak, Ogg, MP3, MPC? None of them?

03.07.2007, 00:43
The main difference between DT and DTPro is that DTPro can create images whereas DT can only use images created by other applications. The actual mounting is done with the SPTD driver, so there should be no differences between DT and DTPro concerning the support of specific file formats.