View Full Version : Issues installing DT 4.09 on vista 32

28.06.2007, 19:12
how very weird i have just downloaded the latest version of DT from your site and tried to install tan the .exe and got the normal UAC asking me permissions said ok and agreed to the license then it failed giving me this message "Internal Setup Error, Contact Support"

i have nothing running except the norm MSN messenger Skype and AV i had no opened programs on install

any ideas?

28.06.2007, 21:50
Try disabling your AV temporarily. You could also try running setup from Safe Mode.

28.06.2007, 22:09
do you update the SPDT driver to the last version?
I got the same problem,and i fixed with a update from 1.47 to 1.49 before the new setup

30.06.2007, 20:51
i tried the safe mode thing and nothing happend i will however try to disable the firewall and AV

i'll post back when done :confused:

02.07.2007, 15:23
right i have tried everything disabled the firewall and the Antivirus and tried in safe mode still when i try the installer i get the following "Internal Setup Error, Contact Support"

so here i am contacting support