View Full Version : Problem loading image on Vista 32

29.06.2007, 04:33
When I try to load an image nothing happens. Can anyone tell me why the image is not loading?

29.06.2007, 07:22
more info helps...
like what is the image, how did u make it, and so on...

01.07.2007, 02:34
It is an iso image file. Usually when I load and image it opened right up on my XP pc. I have a new laptop with Vista 32 and im trying get my programs on this compter. When i try to load them nothing happens. Do I need another file or driver or is this some sort of bug? I hope this helps let me know if you need additional info. thanks

03.07.2007, 05:51
I have the same problem

I can't mount the .iso file in Daemon tools. I do what the tutorial says and sets it to 1 Device, but nothing happens when I mount it! It says that its mounted but no new window pops up as it should.

Please help me, as I really need this program...

- waiting eagerly for response =)