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29.06.2007, 09:07
Back in November 05 I registered Daemon Tools and payed for it over shareit.com. I recieved all the e-mails confirming my payment and everything.
Now my question: Am I a customer or not?
Because IF I am a customer, shouldn't I have access to daemon tools pro? Beacuse as of this moment I don't have access to it. I don't seem to find customer downloads or customer support forum, either. So did I miss something?
Please, don't get me wrong. I don't demand access to anything. I'm just curious and trying to find out whether I missed something.
If my payment did not make me a customer, just tell me, and then I know, I have to purchase Daemon Tools Pro.

29.06.2007, 10:17
If you paid for DT back in Nov. 05 you should be a customer and have access to DT Pro.

I suggest you contact LocutusofBorg about this issue

29.06.2007, 14:05
You should probably include the details from the e-mails concerning your purchase when you do.

30.06.2007, 09:44
Alright, since both of you suggested it, I contacted locutus. Let's hope we can solve this problem.

30.06.2007, 13:21
How does this work with DT Pro then? Shouldn't i be listed as a customer too?

30.06.2007, 16:49
How does this work with DT Pro then? Shouldn't i be listed as a customer too?

did you buy DT-pro or supported Daemon-tools??

30.06.2007, 18:07
did you buy DT-pro or supported Daemon-tools??
I bought DT Pro yesterday yeah.

30.06.2007, 18:57
i think the moderators will give you acces to the customer forum within a week! (i think they are very busy at the moment!)

01.08.2007, 08:16
It has been a month now, since I contactes Locutus. So far I have not recieved a reply. I did not expect a reply right away, but a month is a bit much.
If someone knows, who else I could contact with my issue or tell Locutus to look at my post that would be great. Obviously he is not responding to my e-mail.


01.08.2007, 11:11
You should write him again. Maybe he overlooked your mail by mistake. Normally reaction time is very short.

01.08.2007, 14:18
I am a DTPro customer, and have been for a month now. I have e-mailed Locutus with no reply back on this same issue??:confused: :rolleyes: